Price List for Services and Rentals

Kayak Rentals include back rests and life jackets
One person all day $30
Two people all day $60

Scuba Gear Rentals for Certified Divers

Complete Scuba Outfit includes Wet Suit, BC, Regulator, Mask, Tanks, Weight Belts: $50 a day.
Scuba Tank Rental Al 80’s $12
Scuba Tank Refill 3200psi $8

Individual Incidentals
Wet Suits $10
Buoyancy Compensator $15
Regulator $15
Hood $3
Boots $4
Weight Belt $5
Fins $4
Gloves $3
Complete Snorkel $20
Surf Boards $10-$20
Boogie Boards $5-$7
Fishing Gear available but you must provide your own fishing license to fish from boat.

Boat Rentals are for 2 tanks at 2 different locations with Boatman Guide, for certified divers excluding scuba gear:
4 or more $40/person
3 people $50/person
2 people $75/person

Resort Introductory Dives are Supervised by a dive master guide for non- certified divers. Includes instruction and all equipment. Last 3 – 4 hours and is a two tank dive.
2 people $350
4 people $550